The Times When…

The times when water drips from your eye
You don’t have any idea why you cry

The times when you don’t know what you are thinking
You and your thoughts are probably shrinking

The times when you realize being hurt, hurts
And all you see are wet tee-shirts.

The times when people leave your side
You so want a place to go and hide

The times when you only see blurred images
And there is wetness all over the pages

The times when you sit down thinking you weren’t good enough
But the truth is all they know is how to bluff

The times when you are unwanted
Your thoughts are nothing but being haunted

The times when you know you aren’t part of the waves
You see how different everyone behaves

The times when you are drowning, nobody ready to lend you a hand
You know your wrist has a worthless friendship band

The times when you want oxygen to leave
Because you don’t find anything to truly believe.