Not Coming Back

It’s been a while
I remember, everything
strikingly alive
they haven’t faded out yet
they are still like the day they happened
fresh, clear, vivid
it had felt right but not anymore
You ask what happened
I realised, I realised my mistakes
that’s what happened
I was so stupid to trust you
to think that you were right
to believe that everything was going to work out someday
But, everything came crashing down
shattering me to pieces
It only made me feel gulity and wrong
Drowning in my own tears.
nothing else

I know what’s right now
it’s not being with you
because everythin you did has ruined me
I need to be me, I need to be free.

I can’t be manipulated and hypotized by you
You weren’t good enough and at least not for me

So, this is me bidding you goodbye
because being with you has only made me cry

I can’t take it anymore
I have moved on…or trying to
No,I’m not going back
back to hurting myself

back to hurting everyone

back to being helpless

back to being naive
back to being someone I’m not

I’m not coming back and you can’t make me